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Tile Cleaning Brisbane
Tile Cleaning

Tiles are a sturdy flooring product and for many years they will look great. Slowly over the years the daily wear and tear will start to become scratched and dulled from daily traffic over the tiles.

In turn this creates micro groves and fissures that  dirt, oils, and bacteria settle into. Eventually you a left with a tiled floor that never looks or feels lean after you have swept and mopped
If you have selected a tile that is an anti slip surface or has a decorative texture – The tiles will start to accumulate this build up straight away.

Regular mopping with a bucket and water will even acerbate the worsening look of your tiles as the dirty water is just spread over the textured surface and allowed to settle.

Dirty grout and how to clean it

The other pain point of tiled floors is the discoloration of the grout
Why the grout discolors is due to that the cement and lime based grout easily absorbs moisture, oils and sugars that trap bacteria, dirt into it. The overall appearance of the grout darkens and in some areas the grout has colour variations.

This is very noticeable in the kitchen where oils and sugars are spilled on the floor and oil particles are in the air when cooking
Often you will notice around the cook top, oven and sink that there are noticeable darker grout areas .
Doorways and pet door areas will also have a noticeable difference in discoloration of the actual tiles and grout

Using chemicals or bleaches on grout may get a temporary colour change in the grout but without actually removing all of the underlying gunk in the grout it will actually resettle and discolour quickly again
The bleach or chlorine based products will also cause long term damage to the grout and you will destroy it and the entire tile area will soon need re grouting

Steam Clean Tiles

Dirty tiles and grout is not at all attractive and it is unhygienic. Bacteria collects in the grouted areas along with oils, food , sugars and moisture. Mopping a floor like this actually makes the problem worse by adding more moisture and dirt from the dirty mop water.
When we clean your tile flooring we use steam and some friction.
All the discoloration disappears as well as all the congealed build up sitting in the grout lines.

The textured and scratched tiles come up looking brand new with all the grime build up erased.
When your tiled floors have been cleaned this way, the whole room looks a shade lighter.
If you are selling your home – A tile clean will make a huge difference in the appearance of your home and it will add value with a new looking floor.

We only use cleaning products that are safe for children and pets, and every member of our team is trained in tile cleaning techniques for a lighter and brighter looking floor that has been cleaned properly.

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