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Pest Control Brisbane

General internal treatment only

Treatments include –

· All interior areas skirtings sprayed

· Roof void dusted with insecticidal dust.

· Kitchens bathrooms’ cupboards (sensitive areas) gel application.

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General internal and external treatment


This service will treat pests such as cockroaches, silverfish, spiders and ants

Treatments include –

· Internal & external pest control spray

· All interior areas skirtings sprayed

· All external areas treated, including, garage, garden sheds, clothesline, wheelie bins, pergola. gutters, down pipes fence lines external walls.

· Wall cavities dusted including cracks and crevices

· Roof void dusted with insecticidal dust.

· Kitchen and bathroom cupboards (sensitive areas) gel application.

pest control service

End of lease treatment (including flea treatment)

As the tenant you are responsible to ensure the property is clean and fit to live in. We advise you check your lease agreement but unless stated otherwise you as the tenant are responsible for general pest control (including spiders, silverfish ants, cockroaches & fleas) within the property on termination of the agreement. Therefore proof that the property has no pest problem is essential to ensure the return of your bond.

This service will treat pests inside only. Cockroaches, silverfish, fleas and ants.

Treatments include –

· All interior areas skirtings sprayed

· Roof void dusted with insecticidal dust.

· Internal spray mist application of flooring and carpeted areas for fleas

Some rental agreements require both interior and exterior treatments.
Exterior treatments are extra.

Living in Brisbane or a warmer climate means that there are more creepy crawly’s and pests in our homes and gardens

Unwelcome pests in your home are a nuisance, they often carry germs or disease and some of them can sting or bite. Crystal Clear can keep your home pest-free.

Our expert technicians are all professionally trained, licensed and we keep up to date with the latest trends and innovations so we can deliver a safe and efficient pest control service for you.
Our effective treatments incorporate both environmental and chemical solutions and we use a range of approved dusts, gels and chemical spray to eradicate the different types of pests that may have moved in.

An effective pest spraying service can eliminate all types of pests from your building.

At Crystal Clear Home Services we are Brisbane’s  house washing and carpet cleaning experts, so it makes sense that we also offer expert pest control when we have steam cleaned your carpets

End Of Lease Carpet And Pest Control

Our carpet cleaning and pest control service is perfect for an end of lease clean or when you do an all over clean to your property

If you have regular pest treatments you will avoid a pest infestation and with cockroaches an infestation can take hold in a matter of weeks

To perform your pest control treatment, our cleaning company team have undergone strict training and licensing , this ensures that we do the pest control service for you.
With our expertise you will not be exposed to hazardous chemicals and we ensure that what we use will do the job quickly and effectively.

Our Pest Control Services Are Child And Pet Safe.

Our pest control Brisbane experts will be able to treat both the seen and unseen pests.
We do look around your home and exterior surroundings to spot any insect activity and identify what pests are around
Please note – Some type of pests,may need a  repeat service to fully eradicate them and we will let you know beforehand what our recommendations are.

Preparing For Your Pest Control

Different pests may require different pre-treatment preparation processes and you can ask your pest control Brisbane expert for tips on what to do before they arrive.

What The Customer Needs To Know And Do.

1. Provide entry to the property and if a key collection is required this needs to be prearranged.

2. Before your pest treatment Pre-vacuum floors (Necessary for flea treatments)

3. Mow the lawns if possible (This is essential for flea treatments)

4. Clean down kitchen bench tops.

5. Put away open packets of food (preferably into sealed containers)

6. Provide access to all rooms in the property or inform your technician of rooms you don’t want to be entered.

7. Keep children away from treated surfaces during the service.

8. Lock-up aggressive animals.

9. Empty all pet drinking and food bowls for the duration of the service.

10. Cover fish tanks and turn off filters for the duration of the service this also goes for any other aquatic life.


When the time comes to vacate your rental property you will have a requirement to ensure the property is clean. As many of the cleaning processes such as steam cleaning and mopping of floors will remove our pest treatment, we recommend that we attend the property at least one day following your cleaning of the property has completed.

We can provide carpet cleaning & pest control in the one visit.

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    · Are your pest control products safe for pets?

    Yes, all our products we use during pest control treatments are considered safe if applied by our professionals.. When our products are applied in a fine mist, we will always advise you to keep pets off the treated surfaces for a minimum of 2 hours. Safety for you and your pets and our staff is #1 priority.

    · Should I leave my home while the pest control is being carried out?

    No, there is no need to leave your home. Queensland Health has very strict guidelines for licenced pest controllers ensuring they apply the products that are safe for humans and animals. Our treatments are even used in schools and day care centres and they produce no odour so there will be no smell left behind once completed.

    · Do our pest control chemicals smell?

    No, our pest control products we use have nil odour, unlike the 1990s when organochlorine chemicals were used. Today we use no odour non repellent chemicals. These chemicals are undetectable to pests, so they naturally travel across treated surfaces and become affected as normal. Smelling products usually are poor quality and are repellent products used for fast knockdown only therefore will not provide a long-lasting residual.

    · Do I need to empty kitchen cupboards or any other cupboards?

    No, for a general pest control there is no need to empty cupboards. The only time cupboards should be emptied is if you have an infestation of German cockroaches or Silverfish. If you suspect you have a problem, please talk to one of our consultants and they will advise you on what preparation is needed for the treatment.

    · What areas do I need to treat with an ant spray?

    Generally speaking, an ant infestation not only includes the ants you can see, for example in your kitchen, but also an ant nest which will commonly be outside of the home where conditions are more suitable. For this reason, when we control ants we may treat them where they are visible in your home but also treat the externals of your home to prevent the ants from re-entering your property.

    · Is there anything I should avoid doing after a pest treatment?

    It is important to note the insects that are in your home need time to come into contact with the products that have been applied during the pest treatment. For this reason, it is important for at least 4 days that you do not use a wet cleaning agent, such as a mop or steam mop on areas that have been treated. It is OK, however, to sweep or vacuum during this period.

    You can trust our Brisbane Pest Control technicians
    We will do our best to have the pest treatment is successful and the chances of re infestation are reduced.
    Talk to our pest control technicians beforehand if you have any questions
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