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Living in Brisbane or a warmer climate means that there are more creepy crawly’s and pests in our homes and gardens
At Crystal Clear Home Services we are Brisbane  house washing and carpet cleaning experts, so it makes sense that we also offer expert pest control when we have steam cleaned your carpets
Our carpet cleaning and pest control service is perfect for an end of lease clean or when you do an all over clean to your property

The old rule of thumb was that is you could see one cockroach, there would be 10 more that you couldn’t see
Roaches are nocturnal and can hide anywhere warm within the home
Recent advice from a study claims that  “For every one you see there can be 1,000 you don’t see”
This is according to Richard S. Patterson, who studies cockroaches in the Agriculture Department’s Insects Affecting Man and Animals Laboratory.

If you have regular pest treatments you will avoid a pest infestation and with cockroaches an infestation can take hold in a matter of weeks

To perform your pest control treatment, our cleaning company team have undergone strict training and licensing , this ensures that we do the pest control service for you.
With our expertise you will not be exposed to hazardous chemicals and we ensure that what we use will do the job quickly and effectively. We will take all necessary precautions to ensure you and your loved ones stay safe while making sure all the bugs are gone.

Our pest control Brisbane experts will be able to treat both the seen and unseen pests.
We do look around your home and exterior surroundings to spot any insect activity and identify what pests are around
Please note – Some type of pests,may need a  repeat service to fully eradicate them and we will let you know beforehand what our recommendations are.

Preparing for your Pest Control

Different pests may require different pre-treatment preparation processes and you can ask your pest control Brisbane expert for tips on what to do before they arrive.

Clean up the house 

To be able to effectively pest treat your home, all areas have to be easily accessible.
If you have had your carpets steam cleaned with us, it will mean your carpets are ready for our pest treatment
A clean and tidy house also makes it easy for the technicians to spot the pests.

Preparing the kitchen

The kitchen is an area where many pests are present. If possible clean all  food particles on the floor, behind the fridge, under the stove, around the dishwasher and in the cupboards.
Store all food all food in sealed containers or in the fridge and if possible remove all of these from the pantry
Wipe down your bench tops and remove appliances from the bench top like kettles and toasters

Be out of the home

We advise to stay away from the house for 3 hours after the treatment has been applied to allow it to take effect.
If a member of the household is pregnant or aged under 1 year, we would advise to stay away for 24 hours
For more specific advice speak to your pest control Brisbane professional.

Pest Control and your Pets

Treatment chemicals are  harmful to pests and this means they can affect your pets as well .
Birds and fish are particularly susceptible to chemicals, they will need to have their cages and tanks moved out of the house or if a tank is too big to move – then have it securely covered to avoid any chemicals reaching the tank water.
Keep other pets away from all the areas that are being pest treated to avoid any contact.

You can trust our Brisbane Pest Control technicians
We will do our best to have the pest treatment is successful and the chances of reinfestation are reduced.
Talk to our pest control technicians beforehand if you have any questions
Call us now on …….to get a quote or to book your pest control treatment in.

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